Exercises After Breast Cancer Surgery

This information was developed with assistance from the Oncology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. Read the original article HERE. Many women with breast cancer have some kind of surgery, even though other kinds of treatment are done, too. You may have had a: Breast biopsy Lymph node biopsy or removal Breast conservation surgery […]

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The effect of guideline-concordant novel therapy use on meeting cost targets in OCM: Results from a large community oncology network.

Read original on ASCO’s site HERE. Authors: Stephen Matthew Schleicher, Basit Chaudhry, Christopher A. Waynick, Cheryl A. Crouse, Johnathan D. Shipley, Natalie R. Dickson, Jeffrey Patton, Susanna N. Supalla, Daniel Soudek, Aaron J. Lyss; Tennessee Oncology, Nashville, TN; Tuple Health, Washington, DC; Tennessee Oncology, Murfreesboro, TN; Tennessee Oncology, PLLC/SCRI, Nashville, TN Abstract Disclosures Background: The […]

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OneOncology Announces the Launch of Comprehensive Cancer Center in Southern Arizona

May 8, 2019; Nashville, TN – OneOncology, the national partnership of independent community oncologists, announced today that it is entering into a new partnership with Arizona Blood & Cancer Specialists. Arizona Blood & Cancer Specialists is a newly formed oncology group led by Dr. Robert Brooks, a long-serving Southern Arizona medical oncologist and hematologist, and […]

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