Greetings. It’s 2018.

Tennessee Oncology’s Natalie Dickson, M.D., CMO

As I contemplate cancer care over the past couple years, I can’t help but be proud to be part of Tennessee Oncology, and humbled to be able to work alongside such extraordinary people. Tennessee Oncology is an amazing group with exceptional physicians and clinicians, dedicated and caring nurses and an outstanding team of administrators and support staff.

In 2016-2017 we simultaneously embarked on big changes to improve both delivery and efficiency of care for our patients. We are now beginning to see the light on the other side. Growing government and payer rules and regulations, and entirely new processes are challenging healthcare professionals to find new ways to navigate the changing landscape of heightened expectations and ever changing science that continually push the envelope of leading care. There is nothing like advancing technology to more clearly reveal the value of people and how they must be valued more than ever because our centers would be lifeless without our deepest respect for humanity. Yes, our people bring joy to our centers and make us all more effective medical providers. Tennessee Oncology strives toward an environment of trust and respect, to foster dialogue across teams, offices, subspecialties, and associates so that we can learn from each other and continually grow. We are grateful for that.

As a practice of innovation and education we look beyond all the dos and don’ts and find that which will provide the most meaning in our work. We learn from our patients. We inspire one another. We must continue to grow, share our experiences, and chart a course of success for excellent patient care, in a supportive environment that allows us all to shine. We’ll view the fast-shifting reality of the new healthcare world, as just another test to the hearts and minds of each of us at Tennessee Oncology, where caring for cancer patients is a privilege.

Best wishes for a spectacular 2018!