Palliative Care

Palliative Care is appropriate for all cancer patients suffering from symptoms of their disease or seeking advance care planning. Your palliative care services are provided by Tennessee Oncology.


Palliative care is a medical specialty designed to provide whole-person care for patients with all stages of illness. The palliative care specialist in your oncologist’s office works closely with your oncologist as a part of your cancer care team. They can help manage symptoms such as pain, nausea, breathlessness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and weakness. They will also work with you to establish what is important to you and make sure your treatment plan aligns with those goals. Palliative care focuses on improving your quality of life so you can focus on living well.

Palliative Care is also called supportive care or symptom management because of its focus on managing symptoms and improving quality of life. It is appropriate for and available to all cancer patients regardless of stage, prognosis, or treatment options.