Health Psychologists

Tennessee Oncology’s psychological services help you and your support system control and manage the stresses associated with receiving a cancer diagnosis, navigating treatment, and enjoying long-term survivorship. If needed, our psychologists will assist with end-of-life planning and bereavement counseling.

Our licensed psychologists can help with feelings of depression, distress, fear or anxiety, as well as changes in your relationships, and help plan for returning to work. We help you learn new ways to manage difficulties, and help you use the strengths and skills you already possess to cope with your cancer journey. You may meet with a psychologist individually, or with your family or support person. Ask your nurse or physician to refer you, or contact Tennessee Oncology Psychological Services directly at (615) 871-9996 or (615) 320-5090, and request to meet with a psychologist.

Brynda Marie Quinn, Ph.D.

Maureen Sanger, Ph.D.


Relaxation Training


Breathing Training