Nurse Practitioners

During your care at Tennessee Oncology, you may meet and be treated by an Advance Practice Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner. A Nurse Practitioner is a clinician who, along with your physician and attending nurse, form a dedicated team for your overall care.

Nurse Practitioners receive training and certification beyond that of registered nurses, which allows them to perform examinations, order tests and treatments, as well as prescribe medication. A Nurse Practitioner’s focus is to make sure your doctor’s treatment plan is followed and your needs are met.

While working beside your physician, the Nurse Practitioner is able to address other issues you may encounter, such as managing symptoms and side effects, and addressing problems with anxiety or home care.

Tennessee Oncology’s Nurse Practitioners are important members of your care team, knowledgeable guides for your treatment plan, and enhance the connection with your physician.

Meet our Advanced Practice Providers HERE.