The most current and comprehensive therapies for invasive cervical cancer

Tennessee Oncology’s B. Stephens Dudley, M.D.

“Tennessee Oncology is uniquely skilled with the most current and comprehensive therapies for invasive cervical cancer, a very treatable disease, when detected early,” states Dr. B. Stephens Dudley, who leads the Gynecology oncology team at Tennessee Oncology. “With all of the known preventive measures and early detection technology, invasive cervical cancer should not occur in a first world country.”

That said, unfortunately it affects about 13,000 women each year which leads to about 4,100 deaths in the United States. The good news is advances in treatment and prevention have reduced the incidence of cervical cancer by 45% and the mortality rate has declined by 49% since 1980.

If detected early and correctly treated, cervical cancer patients have a very high chance for cure. “We have the knowledge and the tools for early detection, yet late stage invasive cervical cancer continues to present itself in the U.S.” states Dr. Dudley, “We have all the tools to stop cervical cancer but in my opinion we lack these three things:

  1. adequate education regarding the effectiveness of safe sex, smoking cessation and vaccination on the occurrence of cervical cancer.
  2. commitment and motivation on the part of patients to follow known advice.
  3. care access due to insurance, cost or government and the difficulty to make appointments due to employment and social limitations.

We must all strive to do better in these areas.”

With over 20 years experience in all gynecologic malignancies, Dr. Dudley has one thing he would like to say to all new patients. “Take a good look at your lifestyle and make changes where needed, be it nutrition, sexual practices, smoking, alcohol, stress, inadequate sleep and too little exercise. We can all do better to lower our risk of disease and especially cancer through our lifestyles. Learn to become the CEO of your health and recovery.”

Dr. Dudley is a native Nashvillian, educated at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and residency at the Medical Center. His fellowship was at M.D. Anderson University of Texas. He is board certified in Gynecologic oncology with extensive professional memberships and publications. As CEO of his own health, outside of work he actively runs, swims and gardens.

When asked if there was one thing his new patients have in common Dr. Dudley was quick to reply, “Spoken or unspoken, every new patient has one question they want answered, can you make me well? My answer is always the same. Tennessee Oncology is uniquely able to provide not only the most current and comprehensive treatments and clinical trials but to do so in a personal, patient and family-friendly environment. Our centers are state-of-the-art, our people are here to help make patient experience the best in healthcare. At Tennessee Oncology, caring for cancer patients is a privilege.”

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