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Financial Counseling

We understand the concern of treatment cost and have a team of experts available to answer your questions and to assist in obtaining the help needed should out-of-pocket expenses be more than you can afford. Our Patient Advocates are experts on the resources available through Patient Co-pay Assistance Foundations and pharmaceutical manufacturer programs that may help to offset out-of-pocket treatment costs.

Patient Co-pay Assistance Foundations are non-profit foundations designed to assist qualified patients in meeting their financial obligations. These foundations are typically funded for the treatment of a specific disease state. While qualifications and funding vary, most have income limitations. Eligibility criteria works on an individual basis so that program qualification and funding can be provided to as many patients as possible.

Evaluating every available financial assistance option will require the submission of your personal financial information. We recognize the sensitivity of this information and will request only what is required by each individual program. Please be assured that all information provided will remain completely confidential, except as required for program enrollment.

A member of our Patient Advocate team may reach out to you prior to your scheduled treatment/appointment to schedule a financial counseling session. This service is free of charge. Please bring the following 3 essential documents with you for the appointment:

  1. A copy of your most recent federal tax return
  2. If you receive Social Security
    • A copy of your Social Security card
    • Social Security Disability Award Letter, or
    • A copy of your SSA-1099
  3. Three most recent, consecutive pay stubs

If other individuals live in your household and contribute to household expenses, their income information may also be required.

Thank you for entrusting Tennessee Oncology with your care. Our team of Patient Advocates look forward to assisting with any financial needs and ensuring access to the best option for your treatment.

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