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Being a family caregiver isn’t always easy. Between providing emotional support, physical care, rides to appointments and more, the process of assisting someone with cancer can be exhausting. Below are four tips to help make life easier, if you’re currently acting as a caregiver to your loved ones.

Practice Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is critical when taking care of loved ones with cancer. Take breaks when you needed and keep an eye on your own mental health. If you feel depressed or stressed, make an appointment with a mental health professional.

Offer Tangible Ways to Help

There are likely many other people that would love to help your loved one, but aren’t sure where to start. Make a list of tangible, easy ways that others can get involved. Have some pick up dinner from a restaurant, or run an errand. Put together a list of needs that you can share for those willing to pitch in during busy weeks.

Keep Medical Information Organized

There will be a lot of medical information coming your way over the next few weeks and months. Help your loved one create an organization system to file or store important papers. Ensuring everything is easy to find can cut down on added stressors when you need to access medical records quickly. This goes for any legal documents that may be relevant as well.

Pat Yourself on the Back

On tough days, remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. Every cancer diagnosis is different and there’s no universally correct way to provide support. Stay encouraged and feel free to talk with your loved one’s doctor about community support or resources that may be available.