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Jeff Patton, MD, Tennessee Oncology, CEO,
OneOncology, President of Physician Services

“Job Well Done.” I don’t know the first person to have authored this, but I know it’s one of my all-time favorite quotes.

Tennessee Oncology is a living, breathing, collaborative organization with a team comprised of many talents. Professional success may be developing a single, valuable skill or it may require the ability to continually adapt to many different roles and situations. Growth companies consistently maintain a great attitude. They’re positive and diligent resolving daily roadblocks. Supportive workplaces are contagious, attractive and human, raising the bar for all who come in contact there. Great outcomes are the result of many precise moving parts collaboratively achieving desired goals. Winning teams are the sum of disciplined, driven, empathetic and kind individuals.

Now I’d like each of you to join me as I extend my deep respect and gratitude, recognizing a job well done, for 30 years this month, to my friend and Director of Marketing, Sherry Mistro-Henn.