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TENNESSEE ONCOLOGY Cleveland’s Dr. Sylvia Krueger’s special approach to care emphasizes caring for the person AND the disease


                CLEVELAND, Tenn. — When TENNESSEE ONCOLOGY Cleveland’s Dr. Sylvia Krueger suggested she would visit Edna Hart, a cancer patient, at her Bahamian home while in port on a cruise, she meant it. In fact, she even brought her family with her. Caring for the patient, not just the cancer, is a philosophy close to Krueger’s heart and meaningful to those she treats.

“Every patient is a unique individual with unique needs,” said Krueger. “Taking into consideration both the patient, his/her personal life and the cancer, delivers not only better care but strong connections I value and treasure.”  Adds Ingrid Hart, one of Edna’s daughters: “I cannot articulate how much her visit meant to Mom.”

Edna came to Cleveland, where Ingrid lives and works, to receive cancer treatment. Multiple recommendations sent her to TENNESSEE ONCOLOGY Cleveland’s Krueger. At the first visit, Edna was very uncertain about the path forward, but everything changed after speaking with Krueger.

“Dr. Krueger asked about Mom’s life and her cancer journey thus far,” said Ingrid. “Then, they talked about the reality of the diagnosis, which was surprising, because Mom expected her to address it first. Looking at the whole picture, Dr. Krueger reignited Mom’s hope and faith she would beat the disease.”

While Edna looked forward to appointments with Krueger, she was nervous about beginning treatment. However, she discovered Krueger’s patient first, then cancer thinking could be found around the clinic. For instance, treatment room staff talked with Edna about her week and her chemotherapy side effects, and other patients shared not only their cancer journeys but their life stories, too.

“Mom recognized a wonderfully supportive community at TENNESSEE ONCOLOGY Cleveland,” said Ingrid.

Today, Edna is on her way to long-term survivorship. She credits Krueger’s caring for the patient, not just the cancer approach for getting her here. She raves about their relationship, too—like family.

“Mom and Dr. Krueger are connected for life,” concluded Ingrid.