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June is National Cancer Survivor’s month, but Tennessee Oncology Survivors are celebrated year-round. This quote from General George Patton (no I’m not related) spoke to me-

“Fear kills more people than death.” In my heart, Tennessee Oncology Patients are the bravest of the brave. They stare at this life-threatening illness with a calm and determination that is inspiring. Please join me in congratulating our Cancer Survivors who clearly mastered fear.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not – absence of fear.”

– Mark Twain

It was great to see many of you at our company picnic. This is always one of my favorite events and a great opportunity for Tennessee Oncology Physician Partners to say thanks for everyone’s dedication and passion, caring for our patients.

What a great run for the Predators! It was fantastic to see our wonderful city rally around the team. The hockey blast continued for Evan and me. Mary and I are very excited that both Evan and Ashley will be in town for the 4th of July. We hope each of you have a fantastic holiday.

– Jeff