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After a fairly mild start, summer has settled in with scorching days. I hope you are finding a way to stay cool. Evan and I took a boy’s trip to Chicago last weekend. 81-degree days were much preferred over 98! We went to a Cubs game and had a blast. Mary and I are planning to visit Ashley in New York this month. NYC is much easier when you are with someone who lives there. I hope to catch up with my college roommate as well.

Congratulations to the entire practice for a successful rollout of OncoEMR. I am very proud of the teamwork and willingness everyone has shown, to go the extra mile. We will continue to experience some challenges, as change of this scale is not quick or easy. Thank you all for reaffirming your commitment to the care of our patients and to our practice leading in innovation.

Price Pritchett said, “Change comes bearing gifts.”

Though never simple or easy, change is inevitable. We however, do have a choice in how to deal with change – accept and manage for our improvement and benefit, or resist and be managed. Embracing change will better the chance of achieving both individual and organizational goals. In the near future, OncoEMR and its resultant changes will be “routine” and we will have a better tool for achieving our ultimate goal of providing cancer patients with the very best care. Please continue to view this change in technology as an investment in our patients.

Join me in striving to embrace change so that our best continues to be the best in class.
Our patients deserve our best.

All the best,