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With the recent news reports of the high cost of cancer drugs, patients should know in-house dispensing pharmacies, within oncology practices, can be much more efficient by coordinating care and access to these medications.

“We are patient-centric,” said Dr. Jeff Patton, CEO at Tennessee Oncology. “Today’s drugs are very expensive and not readily available in traditional community retail settings. As a part of our comprehensive care team, pharmacists have direct access to patients’ full medical records, which allows better care for patients receiving oral cancer medicines.”

When an oral medication is the best option for patients, Tennessee Oncology physicians access the in-house dispensing Park Pharmacy, which provides a full range of services. Patient advocates perform benefits investigation, complete necessary insurance forms to cover medications and seek co-pay assistance if out-of-pocket expenses are more than the patient can afford.

“Here, we offer patient advocate services as a courtesy,” said Tennessee Oncology’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Natalie Dickson. “Patient advocates can remove many hassles that come with a cancer diagnosis. We want patients to focus on healing.”

Pharmacists work with all patients and their caregivers to understand when and how to take medications, explaining what are often times complicated dosing schedules. They are also available to patients for questions 24/7, including holidays.

Park Pharmacy coordinates patients’ treatments through electronic medical records shared with their oncologists. Treatments are closely monitored—medication changes and side effects are documented to ensure each patient has the best possible outcomes with their oral medication.

While the high cost of cancer drugs chatter continues, patients can rest assured, knowing in-house dispensing pharmacies within oncology practices are on their side.

“With the rising cost of cancer treatment, the kind of services Park Pharmacy provides are not only desirable but becoming necessary to optimize patient care,” said Dr. An Tran of Tennessee Oncology.

“Park Pharmacy is extremely well received among patients because of the personal service and customization we are able to provide,” said Tennessee Oncology’s Senior Vice President of Pharmacy, Stacey McCullough. “In 2016 alone, Park secured $8,000,000 in patient assistance.”