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I hope you are all continuing to enjoy the beautiful spring weather (minus all the rain). I must say, it feels crazy that one third of 2017 has already passed! The Patton family had a lovely Easter weekend and had Ashley home from New York City for the entire week. Evan and I have had a blast cheering on the Predators and they are playing very well right now. Mary and I have greatly enjoyed having both kids around.

This is a big week for Tennessee Oncology as we go live with OncoEMR in our East Tennessee clinics. I want to extend a sincere “thank you” to the teams and providers for the countless hours spent preparing for this massive project. We’re confident that implementation will go smoothly and that OncoEMR postures our organization to continue to provide excellent patient care and to lead in the transition to value based networks. Good luck this week!

This month’s quote:

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

– Rich Tate

Honest feedback is crucial to each of us, to excel and reach our full potential. We all need help from co-workers, coaches, mentors, family and friends. Ken Blanchard referred to these groups as “truth tellers.” Everyone needs trusted truth tellers who tell us to back up and head in the other direction. I encourage each of us to not shy away from constructive feedback, but to seek it out, embrace it and then act upon it.

Join me in seeking feedback and being the best colleagues we can be to each other so that we can also be the best in our positions and give our best to our patients.