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You’ll know it when you experience it.
The New Tennessee Oncology Franklin Center Will Change Lives.

“I love the big windows in the treatment room. I can watch the blue skies with rolling clouds during the day change to brilliant reds in the evening. The abundance of nature art with such a vibrant color palette, gives you a taste of the outdoors when you’re inside! I love walking outside, with geese and ducks at the pond and an occasional deer close by.”
– Julie Means-Powell, M.D., Tennessee Oncology Franklin

I love the art. I really appreciate the easy parking.
Having the PET scanner on-site is so convenient for my patients.”
– Ruth E. Lamar, M.D., Tennessee Oncology Franklin

The final details at the new Tennessee Oncology Franklin Center are falling into place. Like other new Tennessee Oncology patient-focused centers, in the big scheme of things, this is about as good as healthcare gets, an almost spa-like environment in comfort, convenience, and experience. The new Tennessee Oncology Franklin Center will change lives.

For this article we want to tell the story from an important perspective other than a modern center with the latest and most advanced treatment offerings for which Tennessee Oncology is known. Here we want to point out the sophistication and advancements in patient-focused space planning, design and convenience.

First and foremost, the goal is to bring state-of-the art patient care to every community served. Tennessee Oncology continually builds on that core principal. The patient-focused side of Tennessee Oncology, utilizes best space planning science and vast patient data to create a spa-like experience, more conducive to healing treatments and patient / physician exams and conferences. You will see from the photos the specialized intelligence that goes into space planning and design for ease of mobility, calming colors and pleasantly discovered, inspiring art. Some patients can come in for their treatment, read a magazine, finalize any additional needs at the center and be on their way. Others, due to their disease, or anxieties may require additional comfort and care during treatment. Often a patient may have a small entourage of family or a caregiver accompanying them and the space needs to be accommodating. From proper signage and placement to restrooms, all decisions focus on what is the most convenient and intelligent use of space and design for patients. An additional patient advantage at this location is an equally impressive and well-thought, onsite PET/CT Center. Of course parking and easy center access are critical components of patient-centric care as well, especially when dealing with a complex hospital campus or patients with mobility issues.

And last but not least, very specialized care teams require intelligently designed space to accommodate their special work needs, treatment preparation and any unexpected or emergency issues that may arise. It’s all here.

This is a patient-centric center, intelligently conceived and executed. Congratulations to Tennessee Oncology and Tennessee Oncology Franklin for the community investment, pushing the limits of patient-centric care and making stressed lives, just a little easier while giving your care teams and staff a state-of-the-art center to practice their craft.

The new Tennessee Oncology Franklin Center-

It’s awesome, well done.