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Jeff Patton, MD, Tennessee Oncology, CEO,
OneOncology, President of Physician Services

Happy New Year All. It’s January 2020 and an ideal time to review highlights of the year past and hopes for the year ahead.

But first, thanks for your interest in Patton family news, Mary and I are always proud to share updates on the kids. As many know, my daughter Ashley became engaged last February and I will walk her down the aisle this coming September, to a fine young man, that could not be a better match. My son Evan moved back home from NYC and that makes Mom and Dad very happy! Mary remains a committed volunteer as a reading specialist for kids in hardship situations. Like all of us, she steals time when she can for her happy place on the tennis court and at the gym.

It’s hard to believe but we celebrate 30 years of marriage in August AND we both turn 60 in November! Yikes! I remain most fortunate with the blessing to focus on Tennessee Oncology and OneOncology and all of the great work to be done here. That’s my Patton news, thanks to all for asking.

2019 was our most successful year in Tennessee Oncology history. More cancer patients placed their trust in Tennessee Oncology than ever before. Our patient satisfaction scores and employee engagement scores are off the charts. We successfully integrated with OneOncology while Tennessee Oncology experienced the rewards of our most prosperous year of the decade. This is no accident. This is a testament to each and every one of you. I want to thank the board for your support and gratefully acknowledge our incredible management team. Again from my heart, thank you all.

2020 promises to be another groundbreaking year. Tennessee Oncology is on target with expansion into new communities in and out of the state (more to come on this). Our partnership with OneOncology will continue to grow and flourish across the country. Barely two weeks into 2020 and we have announced OneOncology’s first center partners in Connecticut!

Community Oncology remains our focus. Tennessee Oncology and OneOncology will continue to provide the most advanced cancer and blood disorder treatments and care to cancer patients in cutting-edge centers, conveniently located in the communities they call home.

Caring for cancer patients is a privilege and I could not be more proud of how each and every one of you, live that everyday.