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A new chapter of clinical trial excellence at Tennessee Oncology

The Greco-Hainsworth Tennessee Oncology Centers for Research (GHCR) is Tennessee Oncology’s dedicated clinical research division. Named to honor Drs. Anthony Greco and John Hainsworth, who founded the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, Tennessee Oncology’s original research arm in 1993. GHCR continues Tennessee Oncology’s 40+ year legacy of groundbreaking cancer care innovation.

Expanding Our Research Initiatives

GHCR equips Tennessee Oncology researchers with a broad menu of clinical trial opportunities in all phases of drug development and CAR-T therapy. It also opens the door to studies examining access to clinical research, supportive care services, care delivery innovation and the impact of social determinants of health.

With the launch of GHCR in November 2023, Tennessee Oncology expanded its trial offerings from 18 to 35 clinic locations. Because of the practice’s expansive care footprint, researchers will be able to examine the impact of clinical research in both urban and rural regions.

Our Network

Collaboration is a core principle of GHCR’s strategic vision and approach to innovation. The center partners with like-minded peers in the broader medical and academic communities to share research and work collectively on initiatives that advance cancer care and improve patients’ lives.

GHCR will also offer Tennessee Oncology the ability to partner with OneOncology, the national network of leading oncology practices of which Tennessee Oncology is a founder, as well as academia, health systems, and other research organizations both in Tennessee and nationally.

GHCR Leadership

Ian W. Flinn, MD, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Flinn previously served as the Director of Blood Cancer at Sarah Cannon Research Institute. His own research focuses on the development of new therapies for patients with lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Heather Askew

Director of Research Operations

With over two decades of experience in clinical research operations, Askew has worked in community-based and academic research institutions, as well as in clinical operations and global program management roles at research, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical organizations.