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An Avalanche of Christmas Kindness

An avalanche of Christmas kindness began at Tennessee Oncology Skyline when Patient Navigators Laura Carol, Stephanie, Christy, Hailey and Hailey’s Mother found a patient in need and made it a Christmas Mission. The story came to be when Tennessee Oncology’s Dr. Michel Kuzur shared the heart-warming chain of events to his Facebook page, reaching countless others. Here’s how it all went down:

It all began with a simple on-treatment callback by Patient Navigator Stephanie to a patient of Dr. Kuzur’s treated at the Skyline Clinic. The Patient shared that she had recently lost her son and expressed concern that her son’s children would have little or no Christmas due to limited financial resources. This family and their situation tugged at Stephanie’s heart. She then reached out to the Skyline staff to verify the need. Once confirmed, she sent an email to the Tennessee Oncology Navigation Team, to share the opportunity to help provide Christmas for Dr. Kuzur’s Patient’s grandchildren. Navigators Rachel and Claudia had already committed to families at Tennessee Oncology Murfreesboro but Navigators Christy, Hailey and Laura Carol jumped at the chance. These three ladies acted immediately to coordinate and purchase gifts suggested by the Patient, which included tablets, clothing and toys. When Navigator Hailey’s mother learned that Hailey was purchasing gifts for a family in need, her heart was opened and she in kind, contributed a gift card with no questions asked.

Once the background work was complete, Navigators Stephanie and Christy coordinated a clinic visit with the Patient’s next treatment appointment, which occurred just last week. As the Patient was waiting for Dr. Kuzur, the Navigator “Christmas Elves” delivered the gifts for her grandchildren. Emotionally overwhelmed, she began to cry tears of gratitude and joy.

Meanwhile, as this was all unfolding, Dr. Kuzur entered curious to what was taking place. Navigators Stephanie and Christy took the opportunity to introduce Dr. Kuzur to Navigation’s ability to sometimes go above and beyond their typical call of duty, which includes Patient Support Services and Financial Assistance Awareness. Dr. Kuzur was physically moved and could not hide the tears that welled in his eyes over the Navigation Team’s above and beyond act of kindness for his Patient. He went on to share this story on his Facebook page and through Patient Navigator Manager Laura Carol, this heartfelt Christmas story made its way to us.

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well at Tennessee Oncology. We’re so proud of our Patient Navigators and their sincere commitment and love for our Patients during challenging times. Merry Christmas Everyone. Caring for Cancer Patients is a Privilege.