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Discover Tomorrow at the 2023 Community Oncology Conference

Reconnect with Community Oncology’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Community oncology is, by its nature, entrepreneurial. Our field was born out of physicians setting out on their own to create their own practices, setting up shop close to the communities and patients that need us. Since then, we have been drivers of innovation in treatment, drug research, caring for the whole patient, and other facets of high-quality care that we now take for granted.

The Community Oncology Conference is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that makes us the nation’s best setting for the majority of cancer care and an incubator for the ideas of tomorrow. Each year, community oncology professionals gather to reflect on the experience of the past year and form a game plan with their colleagues to surpass the standards they’ve set. As a co-chair for this year’s Conference, I’m confident that we’ve struck the perfect balance of clinical and policy-oriented sessions to help your practice shine.

At past Conferences, my team has operated with one guideline in mind: know what sessions you want to attend, but also who you want to meet. Last year, we attended sessions on financial toxicity, but also met with colleagues who had already found success mitigating its effects to learn from their experiences. I encourage you to take that extra step this year and strike up a partnership with someone new. Create a better care system, together.

When you arrive on March 23-24 and step into the Gaylord Palms Hotel, I hope you embrace the uncertainty of tomorrow with both arms, ready to transform it into a bright reality of high-quality, affordable, and local cancer care.

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