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“It’s a great honor to share my friend ‘Hawk’, a fellow Cadet at the Air Force Academy, on this Memorial Day.” – Amy Cox, Nurse Practitioner, Gallatin Clinic

“Today I will remember and share Captain David Hawkins “Hawk”. I knew “Hawk” as a cadet at the Air Force Academy. He flew the U-2 and served in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain. During the Bosnian conflict in 1995 “Hawk” was flying reconnaissance missions for NATO from Langford AFB in the Cotswolds region of Great Britain. On August 29, 1995, his U-2 experienced a mechanical malfunction during takeoff. Prior to ejecting, he piloted his aircraft away from a small village and school. He was 35. He did not survive. He would have turned 62 this July. This Memorial Day, I will remember and honor my friend, “Hawk,” among others.”