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Tennessee Oncology adds Proton Therapy Services

May 8, 2023 – Tennessee Oncology, one of the largest oncology practices in the country, has entered into a lease for the operation of the Proton Therapy Center, located in Franklin TN and previously known as Provision Cares Proton Therapy Center. Tennessee Oncology radiation oncologists have led care since the center opened in October 2018. Patient care will continue with the same Tennessee Oncology physicians, care teams and support staff. Appointments and treatments remain as scheduled. The center will be known as the Tennessee Oncology Proton Center.

Proton therapy is the most advanced form of radiation therapy, to target and treat cancerous tumors, while minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues and organs. “This innovative radiation treatment center perfectly aligns with Tennessee Oncology’s mission and values to deliver the most leading therapy options known,” said James Gray, MD, Medical Director, Tennessee Oncology Proton Center.

“Tennessee Oncology’s added service line of proton therapy will immediately benefit current and new patients with our most comprehensive and robust suite of cancer support services available. The emotional and daily life stress of a cancer diagnosis and treatment extends to family and caregivers,” stated Natalie Dickson, M.D., President, CSO. “Both physical and psychosocial side effects can be lessened or alleviated with additional care disciplines, continual health equity awareness and education in the many communities served.”

OneOncology, the national platform partner of Tennessee Oncology, coordinated the relationship between SAM Real Estate and the practice. SAM Real Estate is owned by Sable Investments and Montecito Medical, which provided Tennessee Oncology with strategic and capital advisory services. Sable Investments and Montecito Medical principals include JL Holloway, Chip Conk, and Greg Merriman.

“Expanding services across the continuum of care is a core OneOncology strategy that helps our partner practices continually innovate and deliver cutting-edge care to their patients,” said Jeff Patton, MD, CEO, OneOncology. “We’re proud to play a role to ensure patients have access to proton therapy in our community.”



About Tennessee Oncology

Tennessee Oncology, PLLC is one of the nation’s leading teams of cancer care specialists, nationally recognized for improving patient outcomes and driving quality of life innovation. Our comprehensive range of cancer care services includes specialized oncology nursing care, laboratory services, pharmacy, outpatient chemotherapy, radiation therapy and PET/CT services, palliative care, patient and family education and financial support services. Founded in 1976, our unique vision, introducing patient-driven care with a clinical trial focus, propelled Tennessee Oncology to lead one of the largest, physician-owned, community oncology practices in the country. Currently over 100 physicians in more than 30 locations, share the privilege of serving adult cancer patients from South Central Kentucky through Middle Tennessee to Northwest Georgia. For a complete list of physicians, locations and services please visit:

Tennessee Oncology Media Contact: Sherry Mistro-Henn, Director of Marketing, Tennessee Oncology (615) 333-2481