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Tennessee Oncology Expands Adoption of OncoSmartTM Oncology Optimization Solution by iClinicalOps

Tennessee Oncology, one of the nation’s largest, community-based cancer care specialists, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has expanded their partnership with a leading digital health software and data analytic organizations, iClinicalOps (a part of Smirta Innovations, Inc) to deploy the OncoSmartTM scheduling and resource optimization solution across their largest fifteen community oncology clinics. 

“iClinicalOps is dedicated to providing innovative, adaptive software and advanced data analytic solutions that empower oncology organizations to optimize patient scheduling and workflows so that oncologists and their teams can focus on what matters the most, the patient”

The cancer care environment can be unpredictable; patients often have multiple services per visit and there are significant variations in treatment durations, making it more important for community oncology clinics to coordinate care for complex treatment plans and sick patients.  Conventional oncology scheduling in a busy clinic can be inefficient and contribute to long patient wait times and appointment delays, staff burnout, patient access issues, particularly for rural patients, increased operating expenses and can increase the risk of adverse events, which can create patient safety issues

The OncoSmartTM solution by iClinicalOps optimizes the interaction between patient schedules, resource utilization and complex treatment workflows to create a more efficient and effective cancer treatment center.  OncoSmartTM provides the following:

  • Schedule Optimization Modeling – Algorithmic-driven and adaptive generation of optimized schedule templates.
  • Custom Clinic Rules – Flexible, clinic-specific macros that customize the power of OncoSmartTM to the unique conditions of each clinic.
  • Model Simulations – Explore the outcomes of test cases, run champion/challenger simulations and leverage the iClinicalOps business intelligence team to improve treatment workflows.
  • Multiple Service Types – Supports all oncology service types, not just treatments, which allows the clinic to optimize the entire patient workflow.
  • Robust Data Analytics – Enterprise dashboards and facility-level analytics that illuminate trending and manage benchmarks across all clinics.
  • Streamlined EHR Integration – Automated tools for data capture and intuitive navigation within existing electronic health record platforms.

“Tennessee Oncology has been leveraging the OncoSmartTM solution across several very different types of clinics and in each case, the results have been excellent,” said, Ron Horowitz, CEO, “We’ve seen a significant decrease in appointment delays, notable reduction in overtime and operations beyond normal business hours, and identified increased capacity with better-balanced patient load in our infusion clinics.  We are excited to expand the solution across our largest and busiest clinics within the Tennessee Oncology network.”

“Two major challenges in cancer care are treatment delays and staff burnout,” said Ram Iyengar, Founder of iClinicalOps, “cancer care is complicated, there are finite resources, and very sick patients. OncoSmartTM harnesses the power of predictive analytics and sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to maximize the number of patients treated and balance the workload  on the cancer care team. We are excited and honored to partner with Tennessee Oncology in our joint mission to provide the best cancer care possible to those who need it.” 


About iClinicalOps
iClinicalOps is a transformational digital health software and data analytics organization who is focused on helping oncologists optimize revenues, reduce costs, increase staffing productivity, achieve compliance requirements, drive high patient satisfaction and improve clinical outcomes.  Our software and data analytic solutions are crafted with the cancer patient and caregiver in clear focus.  We bring together advanced technologies, cutting-edge software capabilities, and unique analytical insights that are shaped by years of subject matter expertise in healthcare.  iClinicalOps are the experts you need in your corner to serve your communities.