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Open Architecture Research Platform Will Expand Local and National Partnerships to Advance Clinical Trials

Practice Will Expand Clinical Trials To All 35 Sites of Care

Nashville, TN – November 16, 2023 – A leader in clinical trial research for more than 30 years, Tennessee Oncology, a nationally recognized oncology practice with 35 clinical sites of care across Tennessee and in Northwest Georgia, has launched the Greco-Hainsworth Tennessee Oncology Centers for Research.

In parallel, Tennessee Oncology has appointed Ian Flinn, MD, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Flinn has more than 700 scientific publications and is the former Director of Blood Cancer at Sarah Cannon Research Institute. Prior to SCRI, Dr. Flinn was an associate professor of oncology at Johns Hopkins University, where he also received his PhD in Clinical Investigations and conducted his Clinical Fellowship in Oncology and Hematology.

Heather Askew has also joined the Greco-Hainsworth Tennessee Oncology Centers for Research as the Executive Director of Research Operations. Most recently the Senior Director of Clinical Operations at NiKang Therapeutics, Askew has more than two decades of experience in clinical research operations. Throughout her career, Askew has worked in community-based and academic research institutions, as well as in clinical operations and global program management roles at clinical research organizations, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical organizations.

“By launching the Greco-Hainsworth Tennessee Oncology Centers for Research, we’re building on our core research mission to begin a new chapter of clinical trial excellence at Tennessee Oncology,” said Natalie Dickson, MD, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Tennessee Oncology. “With more than half of the state’s cancer population receiving care at Tennessee Oncology, our research platform provides an incredible opportunity to dramatically improve access to clinical trials for patients across Tennessee in both urban and rural communities.”

The Greco-Hainsworth Tennessee Oncology Centers for Research brings Tennessee Oncology researchers a platform to expand on their world-class research initiatives and reputation by offering a broad menu of clinical trials in all phases of drug development and CAR-T therapies, as well as studies examining access to clinical research, care delivery innovation, and the impact of social determinants of health. With Tennessee Oncology’s expansive care footprint, researchers will be able to examine the impact of clinical research in both urban and rural regions.

“Our clinical research centers will provide an open architecture platform to expand research opportunities,” said Dr. Flinn. “We are looking forward to partnering with like-minded research institutions to advance innovation in oncology.”

Based in Nashville, the Greco-Hainsworth Tennessee Oncology Centers for Research is named to honor Drs. Anthony Greco and John Hainsworth, who as part of Tennessee Oncology, founded Sarah Cannon Research Institute in 1993 and changed cancer research by beginning a legacy of expanding access to clinical trial options in community oncology practices, close to where patients live, and improving health equity.

Through strategic partnerships and a broad menu of drug and care delivery research, Tennessee Oncology plans to expand trial offerings to all its 35 clinical sites of care.

Dr. Flinn’s portfolio will also include serving as Chief Scientific Officer for OneOncology, the platform for independent oncologists.

About Tennessee Oncology: Tennessee Oncology, PLLC is one of the nation’s leading teams of cancer care specialists, nationally recognized for improving patient outcomes and driving quality of life innovation. Our comprehensive range of cancer care services includes specialized oncology nursing care, laboratory services, pharmacy, outpatient chemotherapy, radiation therapy and PET/CT services, palliative care, patient and family education and financial support services. Founded in 1976, our unique vision, introducing patient-driven care with a clinical trial focus, propelled Tennessee Oncology to lead one of the largest, physician-owned, community oncology practices in the country. Currently over 100 physicians in more than 30 locations, share the privilege of serving adult cancer patients from South Central Kentucky through Middle Tennessee to Northwest Georgia. For a complete list of physicians, locations and services please visit: