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Tennessee Oncology to Present 9 Abstracts at ASCO Quality Care Symposium

Nashville, September 14, 2022 – Tennessee Oncology, one of the largest comprehensive community oncology practices in the nation with over 194 cancer care providers serving 33 centers across Middle Tennessee and North Georgia, announced today its physician researchers will have 9 abstracts presented at the upcoming ASCO Quality Care Symposium September 30 through October 1.

Tennessee Oncology’s abstracts address the latest in cancer care research including care delivery, measuring patient and caregiver experience, provider efficiency, clinical outcomes, quality care and safety in oncology.

“The research our team is driving will impact some of the most important issues in oncology today – from health equity to how patient reported outcomes are used to the value patients receive from palliative care programs,” said Natalie Dickson, MD, President, Tennessee Oncology. “We’re proud of the role our team plays to transform cancer care by enhancing quality while making care more equitable and affordable. I’m looking forward to seeing how today’s research improves tomorrow’s patient care.”

Tennessee Oncology’s abstracts are listed below.

Abstract Title Authors Organizations Abstract number Link
Implementation of a scalable integrative oncology (IO) program in a large community oncology network Mary Darden, B. Dudley, Anne Laura Reviere, Stephen Schleicher, L. Johnetta Blakely, Larry Bilbrey, Natalie Dickson Tennessee Oncology 215
Provider-led advance care planning in community oncology: A successful multidisciplinary quality improvement intervention Sandhya Mudumbi, Leah Owens, Christy Schneider, Susan Frailley, John Arrowsmith, Pam Waddell, Kim Vanatta, Kathleen Murphy, L. Johnetta Blakely, Stephen Schleicher, Natalie Dickson, Larry Bilbrey Tennessee Oncology 209
Real-world use and clinical impact of electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) in patients with solid tumors treated with immuno-oncology (IO) therapy Natalie Dickson, Karen Beauchamp, Toni Perry, Ashley Roush, Deborah Goldschmidt, Marie Edwards, L. Johnetta Blakely Tennessee Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb Research, Varian Medical Systems, Analysis Group, Inc 416
Growth and scalability of a palliative care program in a large community oncology practice Sandhya Mudumbi, Stephen Schleicher, Larry Bilbrey, Barton Sanders, Maribeth Bosshardt, L. Johnetta Blakely, Natalie Dickson Tennessee Oncology 206
Differences in the utilization of palliative care support services among patients with metastatic solid tumor cancer in a community oncology setting: A retrospective review Chloe Weidenbaum, Larry Bilbrey, Natalie Dickson, Stephen Schleicher, Leah Owens, L. Johnetta Blakely, Susan Frailley, Melissa Scalise, Lee Cantrell, Sandhya Mudumbi University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Tennessee Oncology PLLC., Tennessee Oncology, Vanderbilt University Department of Biochemistry 82
Utilizing data and artificial intelligence to optimize treatment room scheduling and staffing Larry Bilbrey, Harshavardhana Paramasiviah, Shridar Iyengar, Bhaskar Anepu, Susan Frailley, Stephen Schleicher, Ram Iyengar, Natalie Dickson Tennessee Oncology 436
Implementation of a telemedicine-based genetic counseling program in a large community oncology practice Smita Rao, L. Johnetta Blakely, Kate Small, Stephen Schleicher, Natalie Dickson GeneXsure LLC, Tennessee Oncology 393
Implementation of a virtual, on-demand, molecular tumor board at a large, multi-clinic, community oncology practice Andrew McKenzie, Carissa Jones, Emma Sturgill, Mary Capps, Larry Bilbrey, David Spigel, Meredith McKean, Stephen Schleicher Sarah Cannon Research Institute and Tennessee Oncology 96
ONE Liver: A unique, multidisciplinary virtual tool for prospective review of complex liver tumors Casey Chollet-Lipscomb, Patrick Wolf, Matthew Bernhard, Kelsey Maduell, Stacey Davidson, Larry Bilbrey, Stephen Schleicher Tennessee Oncology, The Surgical Clinic, Premier Radiology, Ascension St. Thomas 59