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Man I have sure missed a typical Middle Tennessee spring. It has been pretty nasty! The optimist in me says that since the Preds are still playing hockey, I can bear a little more winter. Also of note, I was in NYC to celebrate Evan’s 24th birthday. It’s still a bit surreal to have both kids living in Manhattan.

Many of our physicians and management team attended the Community Oncology Alliance annual conference in DC. The meetings are greatly beneficial and unique in that there are four separate tracks: clinical, business, pharmacy and advocacy… something for everyone.

Service remains very much on my mind. As mentioned in my March Blog and recent town hall video, we want to highlight a different value each month so everyone at Tennessee Oncology will know the direction we are going and the expectations we want to deliver to our patients and referral physicians. To enhance everyone’s understanding of precisely how each value applies in in their work, I’ll also introduce one or two new “standards.” These standards are based on what we already do well and they serve to keep us focused on the right things.

I am personally asking each and every one of you to reflect on how the following standards apply to you and your team. Can you cite specific team examples where these goals are met? Where do you see opportunity to achieve these standards with consistency? Strive to incorporate these standards into your daily habit and please let me know when you achieve it so we can promote your examples. We want to celebrate these successes.

Beginning today, I ask you to reflect on what these two Service Standards mean for you-

Standard One:
I will greet, listen and respond to all with respect, compassion and empathy.

Standard Two:
I will anticipate needs and proactively offer assistance or information that will improve my customer’s experience.

I would like to thank everyone for your help and close with this quote:

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
– Muhammad Ali

Service is truly at the core of everything we do at Tennessee Oncology, where caring for cancer patients is a privilege.