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Tennessee Oncology Supports Blackburn Amendment Rescinding CMS Policy to Restrict Oncologists’ Ability to Mail Life-Saving Medicines to Their Patients.

“On behalf of Tennessee Oncology, we strongly support Senator Marsha Blackburn’s efforts to overturn the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) policy that is restricting Medicare beneficiaries in Tennessee with cancer from getting oral chemotherapy therapies from local providers. Tennessee Oncology has 200 providers caring for more than 50 percent of the cancer patients in Tennessee at 35 clinics throughout the state.

Since the enforcement of the rule, we have documented a number of patients who simply just aren’t getting their treatments because it is too much of a burden to come back in and pick up their drugs themselves. This policy needs to change, and we strongly applaud Senator Blackburn for her leadership on this issue to help Tennessee cancer patients get the drugs they need efficiently.”

Dr. Natalie Dickson

President, Chief Strategy Officer
Tennessee Oncology

About Tennessee Oncology

Tennessee Oncology, PLLC is one of the nation’s leading teams of cancer care specialists, nationally recognized for improving patient outcomes and driving quality of life innovation. Our comprehensive range of cancer care services includes specialized oncology nursing care, laboratory services, pharmacy, outpatient chemotherapy, radiation therapy and PET/CT services, palliative care, patient and family education and financial support services. Founded in 1976, our unique vision, introducing patient-driven care with a clinical trial focus, propelled Tennessee Oncology to lead one of the largest, physician-owned, community oncology practices in the country. Currently over 100 physicians in more than 30 locations, share the privilege of serving adult cancer patients from South Central Kentucky through Middle Tennessee to Northwest Georgia. For a complete list of physicians, locations and services please visit:

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