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Rohit R. Patel, M.D.

Tennessee Oncology delivers a full spectrum of cancer care through its large, cohesive, supportive network. We are committed to delivering the most advanced cancer care to patients in their community, close to their home. Collaboration is the key.

I have been caring for patients in Clarksville for more than 17 years and a part of Tennessee Oncology for 15 years. Clarksville patients, like patients in communities throughout Tennessee, are able to get high quality cancer care because of access to advanced, cutting-edge diagnostic tools and all available standard therapies locally, including access to multiple clinical trials and other needed supportive care, through the Tennessee Oncology network. I work with local physicians and surgeons to provide medical oncology and hematology services to patients. Being a part of the Tennessee Oncology network, I can collaborate with other physicians in the group with expertise in different clinical areas to ensure patients have access to the specialized treatments they need for their cancer diagnosis.

It has become increasingly important to know not only the sources but also the molecular and genetic footprints of cancers. The Tennessee Oncology network utilizes state-of-the art diagnostic testing, like molecular studies and next generation sequencing, and collaborates with a regional pathology group to get testing back quickly for patients in their community. The Tennessee Oncology network also uses state-of-the-art imaging, including CT, PET and MRI scanners, for proper staging of cancers. These up-to-date diagnostic and staging tools enable physicians to choose the best possible treatments, which will be most effective and potentially with less side effects for patients.

The Tennessee Oncology network continually incorporates treatment advancements into the communities we serve. Now, with the advent of multiple cancer drugs available in pill form, many patients can take innovative oral chemotherapies at home. The Tennessee Oncology network’s Park Pharmacy collaborates with physicians to most efficiently meet their patients’ needs. Park Pharmacy helps patients with their medication finances and educates them on their medication usage and side effects. Patients can conveniently receive their medication by mail—no more long distance drives for their prescription needs.

A strong support network is important for patients and their caregivers as they embark on the journey of their cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a part of the Tennessee Oncology network, patients have access to specialized support, like the inclusion of a health psychologist or palliative care provider in the care team, to help them take control and manage stress associated with their cancer diagnosis.

The Tennessee Oncology network gives patients in the many communities we serve access to the latest technology and breakthroughs in cancer care. Through collaboration, we deliver high quality cancer care and the expertise of clinical research to patients within their community, close to their home.

Caring for cancer patients is a privilege.